Change What You Can

Make good use of any time you have.Time is too short, you can't do all things within this short time. Struggling trying to change what is obviously never going to change is a waste of time. There are areas where you can make a personal difference and other areas where you'll never even make a dent
Each of us has different areas we are good in trying to be good in all the areas is a big error. Accept that fact, find out the areas you are good in and try to make a difference there.
What influence do you have and what change can you effect by using the influence?.The only definite influence we have is over ourselves.Find out what you can change and change it.You don't have to waste time,effort, energy,resources on things which you have no control and no certainty of any success.
"Dedicate yourself personally to things you can change and areas where you can make a difference"

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