Salvation In Christ

Saved in Christ
Philippians 2:12,Hebrew 2:3 
Salvation is from the root word 'save',which means to rescue,preserve, protect or deliver from danger or harm. Preserve from damnation,preservation from lose or calamity or deliverance from sin and it's consequences, admission to Heaven brought by Jesus Christ.
Above is the essence of salvation. Man was doomed and must therefore die for his sins,that was the verdict of God-(Ezekiel 18:4,Romans 5:12,6:23).
However, it is worthy of learning and imitating that God reconsidered His verdict against man,He decided to have mercy upon man by saving him through Jesus Christ-(Timothy 1:15,1:3-4,2Timothy2:10).
Jesus in His words described salvation as being"born again"( John 3:3) others in the field of Theology always refer to it as the "new birth" or "Regeneration".It is typically true because it is revealing and overwhelmingly amazing to find the Holy scripture says Behold, I was shapen in iniquity and in sin did my mother conceive me ( Psalm 51:5).
The implication of this is that all humans conceived of a woman are conceived and born in sin,consequently the second birth becomes inevitable otherwise, the former verdict of God would hold.
The soul that sinneth it shall die.How wonderful is the Mercy and Love of God ( Psalm 103:2-4,17).
Since we were conceived in sin and born in sin.
How do you get born again?
The following are the steps to be born again.
(Please pay attention to these 6 points)
1.Realize that you are a sinner-Psalm 51-1-5.
2.Renounce all your sins- Romans 10:10.
3.Receive Christ as your Lord and personal saviour- John 1:12.
4.Resolve not to go back to your sin- 2Peter 1:20-22.
5.Remain in Christ- John 15:4.
6.Remain in a good church
Pslam 122:1,Hebrew 10.
What are the gains of being saved?
*Now a renewed 2Coritnthian5:17
*Protection from God Zechariah 2:8
*Now the son of God John 1:12
*You enter the kingdom of God John 3:3
                                       Remain blessed.....

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