Sugar Coated

Sugar Coated
One of the problems we have in the world today is that people we look up to as the good and righteous ones are the ones doing the worst things.Many wants to be righteous so they pretend to be righteous,mere looking at them, one concludes that they are good but inside they are full of wickedness and hypocrisy.
Matthew 33:27-28.The Bible says that they are like white washed tombs,which look beautiful on the outside but inside full of the bones of the dead.I once heard someone say instead of him having any business with the so called believers he rather not embark on any business at all.I asked him why? he said these days unbelievers are more sincere than the so called believers.I started thinking and found out that it was true.I tried to explain to him that there are still some sincere believers but I also found out that the pretenders are more than the good and righteous ones.These days those we think are holy are the ones commiting all types of evil.
If you want to serve God,serve Him in fullness and in truth,you might decieve people or even yourself but you can't decieve God.Stop camouflaging, the Bible says First clean the inside of the cup and dish and then the outside also will be clean.(Matthew23:26).My prayer is always that I will not be a righteous person in the eyes of people and be a disappointment in the eyes of God.
Don't be a hypocrite.
                                                                                  Remain Blessed....

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