Causes of Obesity

Obesity is one of the diseases that is now common in the world today, with many not knowing the causes of obesity. Here are some causes obesity.
Heredity:Every individual inherit some characters or traits from their parents. Offsprings inherit certain body types from their parents, there are three body types the endomorph, the mesomorph and the ectomorph.
The endomorphs have short big bones,round head, short trunks, short fat fingers, wide chest and hips.
The ectomorphs are tall,slender,they have long and thin bones, narrow chest, hips,head and fingers.
The mesomorphs are between endomorphs and ectomorphs.They easily maintain an ideal body weight.
Offsprings that are endomorphs are prone to obesity because they have lower BMR.

Emotional factors: People that are bored and lonely tends to over eat, this may result to obesity, sense of social rejection and too much excitements can cause someone to over eat too.

Availability of food: In many of the developed countries the food available to them are mainly junk food which encourages obesity.Students are one of the main people that eat junk,they eat what is fast to get and available, junk is every where and seems cheaper than main food.

Socio-economic factors: With a lot of money available, people afford to eat more food and also mechanise a lot of manual jobs.They relax more and do less physical activities. These results to excess energy being stored as fat.

Drug induced obesity: Treatments with certain anti biotics requires constant intake in high carbohydrate diets to maintain good blood sugar level.It can cause obesity and also the common side effect on the use of oral contraceptives and fertility drugs in women is obesity,some drugs like diabetes medications, anti depressants etc. alter the function of the body and brain making it to store fat.

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