Be Ready For The Lord Coming - 1 Thesalonians 5:1-10

The Lord's coming
We all already know that our Lord Jesus Christ is coming very soon, but some people are tired of hearing this, even the believers and now their question is now is how soon will Him come?.
The question shouldn't be HOW SOON, but HOW PREPARE are we?.

I will love to reading and focus on 1 Thesalonians 5:1-10, so that we can understand what He said about His coming and who we are.
Briefly  verse 1-2 make us to understand that the day, time and hour is not written, but to those who are prepared and  to those who aren't should know that His coming will be like a thief in the night,  thieves don't give any notice when they're coming, they just come unexpectedly.

Verse 3: Says when the world is busy having events saying (there is peace and safety) suddenly destruction will fall on them just as the pain that attack a pregnant woman when she is in labour, So for we the believers not to fall victim we need to be watchful and careful not to join them to celebrate world peace and safety, (this is a direct warning).

Verse 4-5: Says but you brothers and sisters in Christ aren't in or of darkness, that you maybe alert so that day will not take you by surprise, as it will take the unbelievers that will be celebrating world peace and safety, why should we not join them?, because the word of God as made us to understand as believers we are part of the light who belong to the day, Remember the night is for evil and have lesser power, but the day is for good and as greater power, (Genesis 1:16)... In other word we are choosing and separated from the world.

Verse 6-7: Is a calling to be Alert, Awake, Vigilant, Watchful, Carefully Observant , Attention and not sleep like others or get drunk, because we belong to the most Higher God, we need to be awake and sober(serious) while waiting for the second coming of our Master and King.

Verse 8-10: Being the light of the world as the children of  God, or being part of the light through Christ Jesus we are advice to put on faith and love as a safety jacket(breastplate) and our hope of salvation as helmet, WHY? Christ is the salvation of the world, and Christ in us our hope of glory, so we need to put on the breastplate and helmet for protection and it will serve as a seal, so that when God's anger will reign upon the earth we will be safe.
God didn't choose us for His anger, but want us to possess His kingdom which He sent Jesus to give to the world by dying on the cross, and as many that will believe and work as a soldier of Christ whether dead or alive will enjoy salvation with Him when He shall come again.

Brethern be wise and make a right choice now and be prepared, do not ask question like others how soon will He come, but continually seek Him in faith, love and hope.

Let him who as ear, hear what the spirit says to the Churches...Revelation 2-29

stay blessed..............,

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