Don’t Celebrate Your Condmenation


Luke 12:38 He may come in the middle of the night or just before dawn. But whenever he comes, he will reward the servants who are ready.

Praise God. Beloved in the world today brings back to memories a awesome event that took place in Bethlehem (the birth of Jesus Christ) but let’s not misunderstand the truth Jesus Christ wasn’t born on this day 25th of December but the world chose to celebrate Christ today that is not a problem, because I believe Christlike do celebrate Christ everyday by picking up their cross daily to follow Him. Luke 9:23.

Brethren His birth brought an end to the all kinds of sacrifice, His death sealed it and His resurrection present to us salvation (the new covenant) which everyone is entitle to.

If you are celebrating Christ birth and you have not accepted Christ's finished,sealed and new covenant then what are you celebrating?.

Because when He returns and find you not ready no reward for you but condemnation.

Beloved if you have not accepted Christ please don’t celebrate your condemnation, go on your knees, confess your sins, ask God for mercy and promise never to go back to your old ways and I believe God will forgive you, welcome you into His family that has given you the privilege to celebrate salvation. God bless you as you obey.

G🎄🎄DM🎄RNING, Merry Christmas And Shalom.


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