Shout Of Joy

 Job 8:21 He will once again fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with shouts of joy.

Praise God. Being mocked by people does not mean God has rejected you.

Being scoffed at because you choose not to follow the world, should not make you lose faith.

Sometimes trading the part of righteousness makes you walk alone, in the place of loneliness, instruction from above comes in, directing your part, helping you to make that sacrifice of being alone with joy in your soul.

Note: beloved you can be lonely on earth, but in spirit no, always have this in mind, in the days of loneliness, God is with you and He has given His angels charge over you, to see you through to the place of Joy.

Brethren please I beseech you endure in your state of loneliness, behold His presence in your place of loneliness, meditate and pray there, then you will see how He will transform and fill your mouth with laughter and your lips will shouts of joy.


1. Father please I need your grace to endure in my lonely state.

2. Father please help me to behold thy presence in my place of loneliness.

3. Father for they that scoffed at me will end up celebrating with me in Jesus Christ Name.

G🎉🎉DM🎉RNING, Happy Sunday And Shalom.


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